Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import from Slack?

Find out how to quickly build your company's org chart by using The org app for Slack

What does The Org  app for Slack do?
The Org app for Slack allows you to build your company public org chart in seconds by importing all your slack workspace members general info: their names, titles and pictures.It is important to note that this is the sole purpose of this app: it will not message or invite any of your slack members, or read any other kind of data on your slack workspace.
How do I use our app for Slack?
  • If you did not yet join your company, you will need to
    • sign up
    • upon request, join your company
    • Once you're logged in and member of your company,
      • access your company's org chart
      • Click on any "Add position" button
      • Select the option "Import from slack"
      • Authenticate to slack
      • Review the list of users that are ready for import
      • Confirm by clicking "import"

    How do I get help?
    If you need any help for installing or using The Org app for Slack, please reach us at We answer within 2 business days !
    How do you handle my data?
    You can find how we handle your data - both  when using The Org app for slack and when using our platform - on our Privacy policy