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What Does Transparency Look Like in The Real World?

Gitlab didn’t become the world’s greatest remote company by accident. Trust and transparency was the key to success.

GitLab has made everything public. Their production recovery, process, workflow, content, organizational charts, values and more.

Trust begins with hiring, which is why GitLab’s team handbook is public. Potential hires understand GitLab’s values from the beginning, and can “onboard” themselves. They’re better prepared for interviews and this speeds up the hiring process.

GitLab shares their entire org chart on its website. This lets all employees be recognized and celebrated, and not just the founders, executives, or CEOs.

The platform is open-source, meaning users can go in and make requests and contributions to the code. Since GitLab’s response is also open, it saves potential confusion on product roadmaps. And GitLab doesn’t use Slack - all of their messaging is done through public channels. This ensures an open work environment, where everyone is on the same page.

Everyone has a say and stake at what happens at GitLab. With all work visible, there’s an attitude of continuous improvement and collaboration.