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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Transparency Mean, Anyway?

Transparency means running organizations which align their interests with those of its stakeholders, customers, and the world. It’s not a buzzword. It’s not about openly spilling company secrets. It’s about providing context and growing trust that is rewarded by loyalty.

A transparent organizational structure increases organizational effectiveness. They’re built around the right incentives, easy access to information, and facilitating coordination. Everyone should have a public org chart, because what you make is determined by how you are structured.

Transparent companies engage with public input. They encourage participation and interact with feedback from customers. They value their users and community as part of the building process.

Transparency isn’t only a virtue - it’s a competitive advantage. Remote work is here to stay, and like any societal shift, this presents massive opportunity to those who are prepared. Transparency sets up an organization’s ever changing environment for success.