Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Frequently Asked Questions

What Features Do You Offer to Organizations?

Public org chart. Our charts are designed to get your company noticed. They’re inviting, simple, shareable, embeddable, well-formed and constantly improving.

Explore. Find companies similar to yours in our large database of teams. Collect critical information on partners, collaborators, and mentors that can give your organization a boost.

Jobs. We’re on a mission to rebuild the hiring process from the ground up. When you’re hiring someone, you’re not trying to find a robot that will tick off things on a to-do list. They’re a human being whose success is contingent on the ability to work with your team. We put empty positions directly into our visual and interactive org charts so candidates know exactly what position they’re applying for.

Scout. When executive recruiting is one of the messiest, most expensive processes for a company yet is also one of the most vital, that’s an issue. We built a startup-centric alternative to the traditional process that offers 60% of what a full-service recruiting firm does at less than a quarter the price.

Wires. New hire? Promotion? Personnel change? If you have news you’d like to share, you can send us your story. We’ll edit and publish your news for our audience, free of charge.

Insights and education. If you want access to the world’s most important developments in organizational management and teams, our resources can help. We’ve curated a library of materials on how to structure and scale teams, and have a continual feed of articles covering all aspects of organization.