Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Why Have a Public Org Chart? What Does it Do For My Organization?

Collaborate effectively. With a public org chart everyone knows where they stand, who to talk to, and how to make the gears turn. We clear up bottlenecks and informational gaps with shared learning. Less time is wasted on uncertainty and confusion. Clear communication, innovation and growth take its place.

Engage your customers. Building in public gives your investors, followers, and fans a stake in your success. People don’t only want a shiny success story. They’re drawn to the human side of the journey and being part of a community of enthusiastic supporters.

Onboard faster. When someone new starts, they already know 90% of what they need to get started. They know what your team looks like, their coworkers, who they need to meet, and who else might be joining them. This context drastically reduces the time it takes for them to get up to speed.

Attract better talent. Top players in the field make calculated, informed decisions before joining any team. Our public org chart lets these applicants learn deeply about a secret advantage: your people. Great talent attracts great talent.

Invest in your team. Anything is possible with a talented team, but without one, nothing is. Investing in your most valuable asset and their personal development and interconnected relationships is non-negotiable. Leveraging your team yields massive dividends down the road.

Find partners and collaborators. We have the largest database of teams available anywhere. It gives you exposure to a world of partners, collaborators, and mentors that give your organization a boost.