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Get Started On Building Your Org Chart
Get Started On Building Your Org Chart

Here is a quick guide on different ways of building out your org chart within minutes on The Org

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Why have a public org chart?

People are the most important aspect of your company. The team you build is ultimately the company you build.

One way to show off your company's people is through a public org chart. Having a public org chart is an easy way to communicate the DNA of your company with people on the outside, such as future candidates. You can use The Org to set and manage expectations early in the candidate journey. You’re helping candidates understand who you are and what you stand for as an organization before they even apply.

A public org chart will improve your employer branding by putting your people front-and-center. There's a reason millions of professionals have used The Org and its database since our launch in 2017.

Read more about how using a public org chart can help convert more candidates in your pipeline!

Before you begin

There are multiple ways of getting started on building your company's org chart and adding your employees.

  1. Automatically through our Slack import (we recommend this option as it's the most efficient),

  2. Or add your employees manually.

You must have a valid The Org login, and be a member of your organization on The Org to be able to build your org chart.

How to get started on building your org chart:

To get started on building your org chart through a Slack import or manually:

Step 1 - - Go to your Company dashboard.

Step 2 - - Go to the People tab.

Step 3 - - From the People tab, click Sync with Slack. Alternatively, you can choose to add all your employees manually.

If you want to add your employees manually:

We recommend you build the org chart from the top of the hierarchy, starting with the CEO.

Step 1 - - Click Add on the People tab.

Step 2 - - Type your colleague’s full name.

Step 3 - - Click Create.

Step 4 - - Add job title.

Step 5 - - Invite the team member by typing in their work email address.

Step 6 - - Either click Add more details or click Create position.

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