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Build Your Org Chart
Build an Automated Org Chart With Your HRIS
Build an Automated Org Chart With Your HRIS

This guide will tell you everything about building your org chart automatically by connecting to your HRIS

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There are different ways you can get started building out your full org chart on The Org. Once your org chart is built, you can easily share it with candidates to help convert top talent to join your company.

If you’re not sure what type of structure you have, read more about different organizational structures here.

Build an automated org chart on The Org

Companies are always changing and evolving. Small changes at your company happen all the time, like onboarding new hires, your colleagues getting a promotion or restructuring of teams. Keeping your org chart updated can be tedious without an automated org chart, especially if you’re ramping up hiring. Luckily, The Org integrates with different HR systems, so changes will automatically be reflected in your org chart without having to lift a finger.

What data is collected from the HRIS import?

When integrating The Org and your HRIS, you’ll be able to import all your employees directly into your org chart. The only data collected from your HRIS import is:

  • Name

  • Picture

  • Title

  • Email

  • Manager

  • Start date

This data is collected to automatically build out the org chart and set up profiles for your colleagues. No other data or information is imported and published from your HRIS.

Set up your HRIS Integration

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to connect The Org to your HRIS and configure properly.Before you begin, please ensure you have the following permission:

  • The Org: You must be an admin in order to install the HR.

  • HR system: You must have admin rights at your HR system.

Get started:

Step 1 - - select Org chart and Integrations at your company dashboard.

Step 2 - - select Human Resource Information System

Step 3 - - Select your HRIS integration using the search bar at the top

Step 4 - - Follow the detailed guides on how to integrate your HR system. Click on your provider to automate your org chart:

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