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Build Your Org Chart
Build Your Org Chart With Slack on the Org
Build Your Org Chart With Slack on the Org

Build your team in minutes with The Org’s slack integration. This guide will tell you everything about connecting The Org to Slack

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What data is collected from the Slack import?

When integrating The Org and Slack, you’ll be able to import all your employees directly into your org chart. The only data collected from your Slack import is:

  • Name

  • Job title

  • Profile picture

  • Email

The Org does not message or invite anyone from your company and nothing will be shown in Slack.

Set up your Slack integration

Before you begin, please ensure you have the following permission:

The Org: You must be an admin in order to install the HR.

Get started:

Step 1 - - select Org chart and Integrations at your company dashboard.

Step 2 - - Scroll down to the Import employees from Slack

Step 3 - - The Org will request permission to access your company Slack workspace. Click Allow

Step 4 - - Log in to Slack

Step 5 - - Review the positions before importing them

  • Any duplicated positions will be linked to the existing position. If this is a mistake, select Don't link

  • To avoid any positions from being imported, deselect the checked box next to the position

Step 6 - - Select Import Positions

Step 7 - - Start using your public org chart to recruit top talent. Read about how you can use The Org in your recruiting process here!

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