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Build Your Org Chart
Build Your Org Chart Manually on the Org
Build Your Org Chart Manually on the Org

Get started on building your org chart manually in minutes by following this guide

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If you don’t have a HR system or Slack, don’t worry. The Org has you covered. You can build your public chart in no time using our manual builder. We recommend you build the org chart from the top of the hierarchy, starting with the CEO.

💡 Pro tip! Invite your colleagues to join The Org and place themselves in your org chart. From there, the Admin of your page can review, move or edit any positions to ensure the information is correct. That'll help build your org chart quickly and saves you from inviting your colleagues later down the road!

Build your org chart:

Step 1 - - select Org chart in your Dashboard

Step 2 - - Select the + Add and add the employee’s Full name.

Step 3 - - Add their Job Title and your colleague’s email to Invite them to join your company

Step 4 - - Select Create position to add the new position to the org chart

Step 5 - - To reorder the position on the org chart, select the three dots on the right-hand side of the position and click Reorder. You can use the arrows on the screen or your keyboard.

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