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This article guides you through adding all open roles to your org chart

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Post jobs directly in your org chart to show candidates how their potential job will fit into your organization. The Org’s job descriptions place candidates on their future team in the real hierarchy of the organization. Companies can now answer questions by showing exactly who would be on their team, the daily life at the company, who their manager would be, and the career progression for candidates.

Use The Org to align expectations early in the candidate journey, paving the way for better quality interviews and shortening the hiring process, both for active and passive candidates.

There are two ways of posting jobs on The Org - automatically through our ATS integrations or manually.

Add jobs automatically by connecting your ATS

By connecting your ATS, all your open roles will automatically update on The Org, giving you one less platform to maintain!

Get started:

Step 1 - - Go to your company dashboard

Step 2 - - Go to the Jobs page, and click the Integrations tab

Step 3 - - Select the ATS that your company uses

Step 4 - - Enter the authentication information required. If you have any troubles, click "how do I find...." to get a step-by-step guide

Step 5 - - Click Submit and then click Finish setup

Step 6 - - Wait for your jobs to be synced or leave the page while we import your jobs

Step 7 - - Review jobs and click Add manager to place your jobs directly in your org chart by adding managers to the open positions.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for setting up the different integrations:

Add Jobs manually

Step 1 - - Go to your Company dashboard and select Jobs in the sidebar

Step 2 - - Click Add jobs or Add your first job

Step 3 - - Get started on your job description by filling out the essentials, such as job title, job description, and contact information for applications. Complete the job description by adding the manager to the job so candidates can see how the job will fit into the organization

Step 4 - - Once you added the essentials, it’s time to make your job description stand out by adding more context and information about the role. Work your way through the top tabs to include the Manager & teams, Application settings or Visibility

Step 5 - - When your job description is ready, click Publish

Step 6 - - Share your job description and org chart with candidates. Read more about using The Org in your recruiting process here

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