Want to show off your team on your company website to potential hires or help your own employees better understand what their company looks like? Our embedding feature lets you do just that. You can embed your interactive company org chart on your website, careers page, Notion page, and internal and external documents you use to collaborate with partners and candidates. Head over to The Org’s public notion page to see our embedded org chart in action or scroll down to examples of how other super users have gotten creative with the feature.

As of now, using our embed feature is the only way of exporting your org chart. We do not have a printing feature available (yet).

Here are the steps to integrate your org chart on an external website

Step 1 - - Go to your Company dashboard

Step 2 - - Click Org Chart in the sidebar

Step 3 - - Click on the Sharing dialog

Step 4 - - Copy the iframe code snippet

Step 5 - - Open the HTML document on your website and insert the iframe code snippet

Step 6 - - If necessary, adjust the iframe properties such as height and border style

Step 7 - - Interact and share your embedded org chart with candidates and colleagues

Examples of other embedded org charts





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