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Invite Your Colleagues to The Org

Add and invite all your colleagues to join your company on The Org

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Inviting your colleagues is one of the first steps that will help you unlock the full value of The Org. When your colleagues join your company, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with other team members, stay up to date with the latest team changes and help attract talented candidates to their teams. Most importantly, by claiming their position and building their profile they will help you have a complete org chart that answers all of the candidates’ questions before they even apply.

A complete company org chart will help you attract great talent. Job applicants want to see as much information about your company as possible, including who their potential team members will be. By inviting your colleagues, you will give potential candidates the opportunity to learn more about their potential teammates, their roles and workstyles!

Invite individual colleagues

Step 1 - - Go to your Company dashboard.

Step 2 - - Click the three dots next to your company name on the left sidebar and click Members.

Step 3 - - Click Invite Colleagues at the top right corner of your dashboard.

Step 4 - - Add your colleague’s email address and click Send Invite.

Step 5 - - To invite multiple colleagues at once, add multiple emails at the bottom of the page and click Send Invite.

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