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Join Your Company on The Org
Join Your Company on The Org
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If you haven’t yet joined your company on The Org, it’s time to do so! The Org is a platform built for companies and employees, so you don’t get much value sticking around the page on your own.

Why join your company?

If you want to be part of building your company page on The Org, you have to join your company. No one tells the story about yourself better than you. Joining your company on The Org will allow you to complete your profile and build out your own position page so it actually reflects you. Tell your colleagues and future colleagues who you are and how you prefer to work so they can get to know you.

The best position pages have an updated photo, a descriptive bio, working preferences and relevant teams assigned.

How to join your company

If you didn’t join your company when signing up, here is how to join your company:

Step 1 - - Go to your home page and click Join organization in the upper right corner

Step 2 - - Type your organization email in the email input field and click Continue

Step 3 - - Confirm your company email by entering the code, we sent you

  • If you didn’t get the email click Resend code

  • If you can’t find the email, check your spam filter

Step 4 - - Add yourself to the org chart or see if you are already there by typing your name

  • If you already exist in the org chart, claim your profile by clicking on the position

  • If you aren’t in the org chart yet, click ‘create XXX’

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