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We understand. Writing your bio and filling out your profile isn’t at the top of your to-do list. You’re not sure what to write. Your name, title, photo, and work styles look complete enough. It doesn't feel worth your time since your company already attracts many great candidates and you already work with great people. However, your bio can actually be part of the deciding factor for a candidate that wants to learn more about working with you.

Why is a bio important?

We are so much more than just our previous work experiences. We have all traveled different paths and had different experiences in life that brought us to our current roles. Your bio is a chance to show a different side of yourself outside of your career experiences, and provide context on how you are at work and as a teammate.

You can do this by showcasing who you are, what led you to your current role, how you prefer to work, your day-to-day responsibilities, any passions you might have outside of work or fun facts about yourself on your position page!

The Org’s profiles include a brief “about me” section for each employee, so you may be able to find common ground and establish deeper connections. Others might mention their hobbies, interests, backgrounds, pets, and favorite foods…all of which can become an easy ice breaker. Maybe someone else in the office likes the same music as you or roots for the same sports team. That’s the first step to that coworker (or future coworker) becoming a friend.

Work styles

The work style section on your profile gives you an opportunity to share how you prefer to work, the qualities you value in colleagues, your communication style, and any pet peeves you might have at work.

To fill out or edit your work styles:

Step 1 - - Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner of your company page

Step 2 - - Click Edit position in the lower right corner of your screen

Step 3 - - Go to the Workstyle tab below your name

Step 4 - - From there, click Edit and start choosing between different workstyles that best fit your preferences


If you’re feeling stuck and have no idea where to even start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have collected easy-to-start templates for you to choose from and included some of the best bios on the platform for you to read and really get a great sense of who these people are. Enjoy!

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