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Best Practices for Building your Company Page
Best Practices for Building your Company Page

Find some quick tips on quickly scaling your Employer Branding and making the most of your company's presence on The Org

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Welcome to The Org! Here’s a quick guide on how to get started on building out your company org profile and making the most of your company’s presence on the platform.

Here’s our not-so-secret tip when hiring: our org charts are a fantastic employer branding tool. Attract the best talent and help prospective job candidates understand your company’s culture through organic profiles of your team members on The Org.

The Org can be your hub to show off your great team and culture to prospective candidates. Get started and take advantage of everything your company page has to offer with our employer branding features:

Org chart:

Fill out your bios

  • Your bio is a chance to show a different side of yourself outside of your career experiences, and provide context on how you are at work and as a teammate. Oh, and it helps attract talented candidates who want to work with great people. Here is the "why and how" to write a bio article for you!

Add Jobs to your org chart

  • Post open roles directly in the org chart. Prospective candidates can see who the hiring manager is for each role, as well as who their future team members could be and how they fit into the organization


  • List the core values and mission-guided principles unique to your org right on your company page. Candidates want to work at a company whose values align with their own

Insider experiences and fun facts

  • Place quotes and testimonials from employees about what it's really like to work at your company so prospective candidates can hear straight from the team

Teams page

  • We know that at startups, many teams work cross-functionally or outside of their designated work function. Show off how different employees interact with a dedicated teams page, complete with what they do

  • A quick tip: teams don’t just have to be work-related. Check out the hard workers on The Org’s party-planning committee, our Employer Branding team or our soccer champions on The Org FC

Once your org chart is filled out and every employee’s position is up to date, share your org chart with the world! You can share it with all candidates in your pipeline or embed your org chart on any webpage using our embed function.

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