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Get Verified on The Org

Learn about Verification and what to do once you've been Verified

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In this guide you can learn about:


Verification on The Org is a system used to communicate that a company has built out its full org chart, taken full ownership of its Org profile, and is committed to keeping the org chart up-to-date. By being Verified, it signals that your company page becomes the one source of truth both internally and externally and provides real-time insight into all parts of your company.

💡 Pro tip: The most successful Verified companies The Org invite colleagues to fill out their "About Me" pages!

Verified companies on The Org receive:

  • A blue check mark to indicate authenticity to candidates

  • Ability to own employer branding by showcasing your culture, values, and teams

  • Access to Admin features

  • First to hear about new product updates

As an Admin of your page, you can:

Each company has its own story. Bring it to life with a personalized company profile on The Org. 91% of candidates seek out at least one online or offline resource to evaluate an employer’s brand before an interview – show them why your team and company stand out from others!

Get Verified

Join companies like Maze, dbt Labs, DoiT Int, Ergatta, and Loyal in the Verified community of fast-growing startups on The Org! As a leader of your company or being part of your people team, you are encouraged to request Verification and build out your company page.

To request Verification:

Step 1 - - Build out your full org chart (using your HRIS, Slack or manually)

Step 2 - - Request Verification either using the banner on your Company page or under the Members tab on the Company dashboard

Step 3 - - Fill out the Verification request form by inputting your Company Website, Company Linkedin, and Reason for requesting Verification

Step 4 - - Our team will review all requests within 24 hours and follow up via email!

Please note, being Verified on The Org shows your commitment to our 700 000+ monthly visitors and candidates interested in working at your company that your org chart is kept up-to-date. Read more about the benefits of keeping your org chart up-to-date and ways to automatically update The Org using your HRIS.

Who can request Verification?

Only leaders at a company or those part of a people function will be granted Admin access and Verification. If this doesn’t fit your job description or role, please have a colleague who is responsible for this reach out and try again! Even if you do not get Verified the first time, we’ll provide guidance on the next steps to ensure you can get Verified down the road.

Next Steps after getting Verified

If you have gotten Verified, congratulations! Welcome to the community of Verified companies that use the org for internal and external communication, collaboration, onboarding, recruiting, and Employer Branding.

Here are the next steps after you've been Verified:

  1. Assign another Admin

  2. Connect your HRIS and ATS to keep your org chart automatically updated

  3. Place your jobs directly in the org chart

  4. Invite your colleagues to join The Org and fill out their "About Me" sections. The Org works best as a team tool and represents everyone at your company!

  5. Start sharing your org chart externally with candidates to help attract and convert the best talent

💡 You will also be sent a series of 5 onboarding emails from our Customer Success team walking you through these steps.

Other Verified companies on The Org

If you need inspiration or want to learn how other companies make the most of their presence and Employer Branding on The Org, check out these companies!

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