Place Jobs in Your Org Chart

Learn everything about the whys and hows of placing a job in your org chart on The Org

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Unlock the full value of The Org by placing jobs into your org chart! Once you’ve created your jobs on our platform, through our ATS integration or manually, you can then place those jobs in your org chart to give candidates a clearer idea of how they would fit into your company. How many times have you wondered about your potential new manager or teammates before going to a job interview? Placing jobs in your org chart gives candidates visibility into team and company structure before they even click apply!

To learn more about the value of placing a job in your org chart, read: 8 Reasons Why Posting a Job in Your Org Chart Will Attract Better Talent.

Before you start: You must be a joined member of your company on The Org to add jobs to your org chart.

To place jobs in your org chart

Step 1 - - Go to your Company dashboard and go to the Jobs page

Step 2 - - Click Add Manager to add the correct person and the job will be placed into your org chart

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