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Attract better candidates, demonstrate career paths and boost retention by filling out your team’s org chart page

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Why create teams on The Org?

A company’s teams and people should be front and center when it comes to Employer Branding. Today’s job candidates care about more than a paycheck – they are increasingly focusing on the people they’d work with and the projects they’d work on. They want to hear more about what goes on behind the scenes, and that’s why you should create teams on The Org. Our Teams' function enables you to demonstrate how teams work at your company. What is the culture like? Who are the people behind the team? How do you work together in the team? Candidates want to know all of these things, and sharing your teams on The Org enables them to learn these things before even joining.

Here are some of our own examples:

Create and manage teams on The Org

Before you start, you have to be a joined member of your company on The Org, to create and manage teams.

Step 1 - - Go to your Company dashboard

Step 2 - - Click Teams in the sidebar

Step 3 - - Click Add team to create a new team or click Edit on an existing team to update one of the teams you already created

Step 4 - - Fill out the essentials for your team: Name, team description, and add members to your team

Step 5 - - Give candidates even more context by adding jobs to the team, adding pictures of your team, adding social links and describing how you work on the team

Step 6 - - Once you completed your team page click Save to save and publish your team

A few tips on how to share you share your teams to attract talent

Here are a few ways in which our users successfully use the team page to convert candidates and help improve the candidate experience:

  • Share your team page with candidates in outbound messages and emails

  • Share the page ahead of an interview or as interview prep (works great in both an email or in a calendar invite!)

  • Include your team in your email signature

  • Show the team page during the interview

  • Send a link to the team page in a follow up email after the interview

  • Share the team page as part of the offer letter

  • Show the team page during the interview

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