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Keep Your Org Chart up to Date
Keep Your Org Chart up to Date

Learn why it's so important to keep your org chart up-to-date and the best ways of keeping it automatically updated

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Your org chart should always be up to date. It is your one source of truth, both internally and externally, and provides real-time insight into all parts of your company.

Some of the biggest benefits of having an up-to-date org chart include:


  • Completed org charts increase internal transparency and trust

  • Employees know exactly where they stand

  • An org chart answers questions like “Who is my manager?” “Who does my manager report to?” “How senior or junior am I in this organization?” “How many direct reports does the CEO have?” “How does information get passed down from the highest levels of the company to me?”

Employer Branding and hiring:

  • Show candidates exactly where they fit into your company

  • By including the org in outbound messages, improve response rates by an average of 25%

  • Answer questions candidates want to know, before they even interview

Faster communication

  • Updated org charts save time and speed up business processes

  • An org chart lays out who is responsible for what at a company. A quick glance of an updated org chart should be able to tell any employee who is the owner of which project, and how to reach out to them. Simply adding in descriptive bios and job titles can cut out miscommunication and save time for employees trying to push their initiatives through

Streamlined onboarding

  • Especially useful for hybrid and remote teams

  • It’s already daunting enough to join a new company - don’t leave new hires feeling lost as well

  • An org chart shows exactly who new hires are working with, who their manager is (and what they are responsible for), who their manager reports to and where they fall within the greater organization’s strategy

Hire and plan for the future

  • An org chart is an extremely useful tool for hiring and planning

  • Quickly spot which teams are hiring or which may need more support

Visualize workloads

  • A planning aid for how to scale in the future. See exactly how your company will look before and after a hiring plan by placing positions in your org chart

When should your org chart be updated?

Your org chart should be changed when:

  • A new employee joins

  • Someone is promoted

  • A change in role or department occurs

  • An employee leaves the company

  • Teams are restructured

Keep your org chart automatically up-to-date by integrating with Slack

Companies are always changing and evolving. Small changes at your company happen all the time, like onboarding new hires, your colleagues getting a promotion, or restructuring of teams. Keeping your org chart updated can be tedious without an automated org chart, especially if you’re ramping up hiring. Luckily, The Org integrates with Slack, so changes will automatically be reflected in your org chart without having to lift a finger.

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