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Templates and Strategies for Inviting your Colleagues to The Org
Templates and Strategies for Inviting your Colleagues to The Org

Here are the most successful ways to introduce The Org to your team and easy copy-paste templates for you to use

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Employer Branding starts from within. The best ways to showcase your team and culture are to present a different perspective on who you are at work. Candidates want to know more about the people they’re about to call managers and teammates. Here are the most successful ways to introduce The Org to your team and easy copy-paste templates for you to use when asking your company to sign up and fill out their profiles on The Org. They’re perfect for either Slack or Email.

Before you begin, find your invitation link

Step 1 - - Go to the Company dashboard

Step 2 - - Go to Members on the Menu Bar

Step 3 - - Click Invite Colleagues at the top right corner of your dashboard

Step 4 - - Click the Copy Link

Step 5 - - Include the link with your entire team using some of these templates

The most successful strategies for introducing The Org to your team

We know how busy everyone is and asking your colleagues to fill out yet another website or tool isn’t an easy task. However, the 5 minutes it takes to sign up and fill out your bio, will have astronomical benefits for your company. Here are different ways our users have successfully onboarded their entire teams to The Org:

Show buy-in from leadership

To help your colleagues buy into the platform, we recommend including some example bios from leadership! Provide that “aha” moment for your teammates by showing them a different and more personalized side of leadership.

Set a deadline

Set a deadline for when you’ll be introducing The Org outwardly for candidates. This helps signify the importance of the task and helps create urgency.

Tip: make sure to set a realistic deadline with frequent reminders. We recommend providing a 5-10 business day window.

Start by inviting all hiring managers

Starting smaller is okay also! A great starting point is to have all your hiring managers fill out their bios as part of the pre-interview process. As you place jobs in the org chart and attach the hiring manager, it’s an easy way to stand out to candidates who are browsing different job descriptions. Show them exactly who their manager will be and let them envision themselves on the team.

Include it in your onboarding steps

As you’re hiring and onboarding, create an additional step in the onboarding flow for new joiners.

As everyone knows, joining a new company can feel like a job in itself. Learning the ropes, getting acquainted with your team, and figuring out your responsibilities all take time. Because an org chart gives you a visual layout of the whole company, it can help make the whole process easier.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see where you fit into the broader structure, who you report to, and who’s on your team. Digging deeper, you might learn something new about your colleagues from their “about me” page on The Org that helps you connect more quickly or work together more efficiently.

Provide personal gains from joining the org

Org charts offer plenty of value for business leaders, but they aren’t just useful to the executive team. Every employee can enjoy the benefits of a public org chart. In fact, an org chart can help you on your first day of work, when working cross-functionally, or even during the hiring process.

Provide the exact reasons why it’s beneficial for individuals who aren’t hiring managers to join.

Some reasons include:

  • Understanding their own career growth at your company

  • Connect with your co-workers

  • Boost productivity

  • Make remote work easier

Templates for introducing The Org

Below are three easy templates to include in your company-wide Slack channel announcement. Feel free to edit and use as you need!

Template 1

The Org allows companies to prove they’re the best place to work! As we continue hiring and onboarding new employees, we want to show off our wonderful existing teams to interested candidates. By providing this, we’re able to provide an inside view of what it’s like to work here and why they should join! Let us know if you have any questions when getting set up.

Sign up using this >>> link <<<.

Template 2

We want to introduce the newest tool we’re using in our recruiting process – The Org. The Org is a website that publishes online org charts to help attract talent and show candidates exactly where they fit into our company and who they’d be working with. As part of this effort, we want everyone to sign up and fill out their bios!

Sign up here! Feel free to read more about the benefits of using a public org chart or what to include in your bio :)

Template 3

As we continue hiring, we want to make sure we’re attracting the right talent. To help us do so, we’re expanding our online presence to The Org. The Org is a tool for candidates to learn more about our teams, culture, and diversity. We need your help to do this!

Please sign up using this link and take 5 minutes to fill out your professional profile. Take a look at what we’re building [link to your org chart] and how you personally can help us sign amazing and new teammates. The deadline to sign up is X date. Let us know if you have any questions.

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