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Why The Org?
How Much Does the Org Cost?
How Much Does the Org Cost?

Learn about pricing and our business model

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The Org is free to use.

We're on a mission to make companies more transparent. We believe that creating org charts on our platform should be free and that everyone should take advantage of the benefits that come from it. Not only do public org charts create a tremendous amount of value for your company, colleagues, and winning business – it also plays a vital role in hiring great people.

Transparency matters. Transparency means running organizations that align their interests with those of their stakeholders, customers, and the world. It’s not a buzzword. It’s about providing context and growing trust that is rewarded by loyalty. Transparency should be available to everyone, free of cost.

Vision by The Org

The Org remains free to use. We make money via a premium, subscription-based AI-powered data product: Vision by The Org.

Vision by The Org uses AI pattern matching and the world’s largest dataset of company org charts to deliver warm, qualified sales leads that other platforms often miss, directly to sales reps. Forward-thinking teams use Vision to discover companies and individuals most likely to engage in vendor conversations based on historical data and signaling factors like executive moves or rapid team growth.

We are extremely judicious with all data contributed to The Org. If a company is surfaced as a lead to paying customers, it is only because our pattern matching suggests the company has a burning need for a solution. Vision by The Org is designed to eliminate spam and maximize high-quality partnerships between the world’s fastest-growing teams.

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