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Why The Org?
How Much Does The Org Cost?
How Much Does The Org Cost?

Learn about pricing and our business model

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The Org is free to use for creating your company org chart.

We're on a mission to make companies more transparent. We believe that creating org charts on our platform should be free and that everyone should take advantage of the benefits that come from it. Not only do public org charts create a tremendous amount of value for your company, colleagues, and winning business – it also plays a vital role in hiring great people.

Transparency matters. Transparency means running organizations that align their interests with those of their stakeholders, customers, and the world. It’s not a buzzword. It’s about providing context and growing trust that is rewarded by loyalty. Transparency should be available to everyone, free of cost.

The Org for Sales

The Org remains free to use, but we make money via a premium, subscription-based product that allows users to easily navigate the data we have available. All users are enrolled on a free tier and we have three paid tiers:

Basic Tier:

  • All search and filter capabilities.

  • Import contacts from your inbox to find related prospects.

  • Export contacts from search and lists.

  • Access to the entire search results.

  • Track team changes at companies and accounts of interests.

  • 200 contacts per month.

Premium Tier:

  • All features in the Basic Tier.

  • Have a shared instance with members of your team.

  • 1000 contacts per month.

Enterprise Tier:

  • All features in the Premium Tier.

  • Integrate with HubSpot and Salesforce and push contacts from The Org.

  • Access our data through a Data API for your custom solutions.

  • 10,000 contacts per month.

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