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Why The Org for Sales?

Learn how The Org compares and stands out from your other daily sales tools

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What sets The Org apart?

The Org is the world's largest network of public org charts. By mapping and tracking the movement of millions of professionals, evolving company reporting structures, and company hiring plans, The Org helps sales team find and close more deals.

How does The Org compare to other sales tools?

The Org stands out as a cost-effective alternative with unique features, prioritizing data quality over quantity.

  1. High-quality data. The Org provides the most accurate org charts, allowing you to time your outreach efforts based on updated, real-time data.

  2. Helpful org charts. The Org provides the visual context of leads within the target organization. This improves understanding of the potential customer and allows for easy outreach using The Org’s seamless CRM integrations.

  3. Track changes. The Org tracks talent movement, and by leveraging personal and professional connections, you can act on org changes.

  4. Primary source data. The Org is the only platform with structural company and profile data provided by the companies and organizations themselves.

  5. Inexpensive. The Org provides the most value for a fraction of the price compared to our competitors.

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