Why Vision?

Learn how Vision compares and stands out from your other daily sales tools

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What sets Vision apart?

Vision is the first sales tool to leverage talent movement to predict buyer intent. By mapping and tracking the movement of tens of millions of professionals, evolving company reporting structures, and company hiring plans, we can accurately predict readiness to buy new tools and services.

Vision’s AI lead scoring algorithm utilizes these signals to automate the prospecting process and tailor leads specific to user preferences. With Vision, sales teams discover new quality company opportunities. They use the org chart to target the internal champions most likely to listen. And they reach out with personalized information to ensure maximum conversion. Our customers are improving SQLs and closing more accounts. Vision is the only prospecting tool for selling to high-growth startups.

How does Vision compare to other sales tools?

Vision automatically personalizes the prospecting process to surface warm leads tailored to your criteria. Unlike other sales tools, Vision does the legwork for you. The result? You don’t have to spend hours searching for leads in yet another interface.

Vision’s approach to personalized prospecting can be broken down into three functionalities:

  1. Vision relies on multiple signals of talent movement to surface companies willing to buy now. These include:

    • Customer and key account monitoring

    • First functional hires

    • Key executive hires

    • Team size fluctuations

  2. Company-first approach. Rather than just surfacing one person at a company, Vision delivers companies that need new tools now and all the relevant employees most willing to buy. This is all personalized for your target universe and buyer persona.

  3. Easy Setup. Vision takes only minutes to set up and doesn’t require any further integrations. Receive your first batch of leads within minutes, not weeks or months.

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