Who uses Vision?
Those who want to spend time closing deals, not prospecting lists
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Who is Vision for?

We built Vision for AEs, SDRs, and Sales Managers alike who want to fill their pipeline with warm, qualified leads.

Why? Because we’re so good at predicting buyer intent at early-stage companies, Vision is especially useful for sales teams selling into SMBs.

The Org’s database collects data from more sources than any other sales tool (HR systems, Linkedin, News, etc.) and is focused on building and maintaining the world’s most accurate and real-time database of structured team data with 100% coverage of private, venture-backed companies. Vision is for any individual looking to identify more future customers in the SMB segment and gain a full understanding of the potential buyers and users at each of those companies.

Account Managers can also use Vision to track current accounts, maximize upsells, and minimize churn.

Should my entire sales team use Vision?

Vision can be used by both individuals and entire teams. We compile the prospecting criteria of your entire team into one algorithm that surfaces personalized leads tailor-made for each individual and the target universe they’re responsible for.

Vision is the first step in creating a fully autonomous and mature growth engine for your product/service. By providing high-intent, qualified leads every week, Vision equips your sales team to close more deals and provides your team with endless growth potential.

Can Vision work for me if I'm not a sales rep?

Vision has overlapping and useful functionality for roles outside of sales. To help us better understand your needs and potential use case, please schedule some time here!

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