Vision User Management
Manage your Vision seats and team members
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How many people at my company can use Vision?

There is no limit to the number of seats a company can enroll into Vision. Any salesperson who is looking to fill their pipeline with higher quality leads should have a seat.

Why do I have unlimited seats? What are they all supposed to do?

Every seat associated with your Vision account will receive a unique batch of weekly leads. Given that Vision takes into account individual prospecting criteria, members of your team that operate across different areas will receive leads that are specific to their needs.

How do I add more members of my team to my Vision account?

To add new members to your account, simply add their email to the Team members section in the Settings tab.

How can I remove a member from my account?

To remove a member from your account, simply click the X next to their email address in the Team members section of the Settings tab.

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