Setting up your Vision account

Set up your personalized leads and buyer persona

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What do I do after I set my account up?

Sit tight and monitor your email. Once the onboarding process is complete, you should expect to receive your first batch of leads within a couple of hours of your submission. All new leads thereafter will be delivered on Monday at 9 AM EST.

What do you need from me to personalize my leads?

To get the most personalized leads each week we ask that you first fill out the Buyer Persona criteria in the Settings tab.

For further personalization, you can provide us with a list of your current customers and/or target accounts. The more detail the better.

As you sign new customers, add those companies to your customer list on the settings tab of Vision. We are working on a CRM integration that will remove this step – keep your eyes out for this update!

How can I update or edit my buyer persona?

Once you’ve created a Vision account, you can modify your preferences by clicking the Settings button in the top right corner. You can toggle any combination of personas or provide additional details in the designated spaces provided.

💡 There is no limit to how often you can update your buyer persona settings.

How many different buyer personas can my team set up?

There is no limit to the number of buyer personas that can be associated with one account. Account admins have the capability to invite team members and adjust persona preferences to reflect their varying responsibilities by accessing the Settings tab.

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