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Where does the data come from?

The data on The Org comes from several different sources including:

  1. Organizations themselves. First-party sources which include company HR systems, ATS, and Slack. Organizations leverage our public org chart functionality to attract talent and organize their teams. In doing so, they integrate their internal systems with The Org, providing our database with the most real-time team data available on the internet.

  2. Third-party data sources. Data collected from publicly available sources on the internet and plugging that data into our proprietary org chart builder.

  3. Manual reviews. Our New York-based research team whose function is to ensure the data quality of our database and review our automated data collection processes.

How accurate is The Org's data?

The Org builds its dataset through user-generated content driven by HRIS integrations in addition to numerous public data sources. In conjunction with these methods, data quality is constantly being assessed by an internal QA team that updates the platform with regularity to ensure accuracy.

This combination offers a conclusive source of truth - the most accurate and up-to-date team data anywhere.

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