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Tips for maximizing your results by using Vision

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How do I maximize my use of Vision?

The best way to maximize your use of Vision is to first provide as much information as possible about your ICP and buyer persona. This includes keeping your customer and key account lists up to date, as well as providing any additional detail about who you sell to in the Settings tab.

Reach out to your leads ASAP. The key to Vision’s lead quality is timeliness. Our 24/7 team change monitoring enables us to capture and surface leads at the moments when they’ll be most receptive to your outreach.

Level up the personalization of your outreach. Beyond the title, role history, and basic company information, Vision provides contextual Org Chart information and detailed individual bios that can be leveraged to write even more targeted outreach.

Provide ongoing feedback. Helpful feedback can be anything from a simple thumbs up or down on lead quality or writing to our team at [email protected] with any thoughts you may have.

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