1. Getting your team onboard

How can we use The Org as a team tool?

The Org is made for teams to attract talent, collaborate, and learn. The first step to using The Org as a team tool is to add your organization’s org chart and invite your colleagues. To learn more about how to invite your colleagues, please see here

By using The Org, you can show off the culture and values of your team and organization and thereby attract great applicants. You and your colleagues can fill out profiles about who you are and how you work. You can then post jobs directly in your org chart and when applicants see these open roles, they’ll be able to read more about what it would be like to work with you and your team members. To learn more about how to use The Org to attract talent, please see here.

After your colleagues are on the platform, you and your colleagues will get access to an internal feed that will keep you updated on what’s happening inside your organization. You’ll receive relevant notifications about new hires, structural changes and employee profile updates. 

You’ll also get to learn about your colleagues and what they’re working on. On The Org, you’ll be able to interact with them in the context of your org chart. You and your colleagues can also study how other organizations are structured and explore how they’ve built out their teams.