1. Exploring Organizations

How can you use The Org to learn from other organizations?

The Org is a global community of transparent organizations, and we aim to optimize the product for our users to learn from our community. The Org can be used as a resource for learning how to build better teams. Our users are able to get an inside look at other organizations and learn from how they’ve grown and developed their teams.

Here are some suggestions on how to use The Org as a learning resource:

  1. Follow organizations to stay updated on what’s going on inside of organizations similar to yours
  2. Study org charts from organizations similar to yours to learn how they've built their organizations and structured their teams
  3. Explore Iterate, our content platform. Iterate is a first-of-its-kind publication that offers a unique combination of the latest news from the tech community, real stories about startup leaders and resources to help you find the perfect job or build a better company, all backed by company data and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.