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How do I add my colleagues to my org chart?

In order to build a more complete org chart and unlock the full value of our platform you should add your colleagues to The Org. Adding a full org chart will foster better talent attraction, collaboration and learning for your organization. The Org is most valuable when all of your colleagues are active on the platform. 

To add your colleagues, 

  1. Go to your organization page
  2. Click “+Add people” in the appropriate location
    1. Type your colleague’s full name
    2. Click "Create"
    3. Add job title
    4. Invite the team member by typing in their work email address 
    5. Either click "Add more details" or click "Create position"

You can also add your colleagues through our Slack import feature! Using our Slack import feature is more efficient if you’re adding a large number of people. 

To add your colleagues through Slack,

  1. Click “+Add people” 
  2. Import positions from Slack