1. Building your organization page

How do I add my organization's values?

You can add your organization's values directly to your organization page, which is linked to your organization's org chart. The values section is a space to define your organization's culture and what makes your culture unique. Entering your organization’s values gives applicants further insight into the types of the people your organization would like to attract and retain. 

To edit an organization's values you must be a member of that organization’s page on The Org. For more information on how to become a member of your organization, please see here.

To edit your organization's values,

  1. From your organization’s overview page, click “Edit organization”
  2. Under the values section, you can add, edit or delete existing values
  3. Write out each value with a description and remember to click “save”
  4. Press save again in the edit organization section to publish changes to your page