1. Frequently Asked Questions

How do I embed my org chart on another website?

Host your org chart on an external website including an about us page, team page, or career page. Follow these step by step instructions to integrate your org chart into your website!

  1. Sign in on the theorg.com

  2. Go to your organization’s page

View organization

 3.   Go to the org chart page

org chart page

4.   Open the sharing dialog

sharing dialogue

5.   Copy the iframe code snippet

iframe code snippet

6.   Open the HTML document on your website and insert the iframe code snippet

(Reach out to contact@theorg.com, to get help with any technical difficulties.)

Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 12.57.07

7.  If necessary, adjust the iframe properties such as height and border style

8.  Interact with your embedded org chart

embed new website