1. Attracting Talent

How do I post a job?

On The Org, you can post jobs directly in your org chart to show candidates how their potential job will fit into your organization. This kind of context is valuable as it allows candidates to get a look behind the scenes at your organization. Sharing your jobs on The Org, allows you to convert more and better talent who can get to know the team, even before joining your organization. There are two ways of posting a job on The Org - automatically through our ATS integrations or manually. We highly recommend our ATS integrations as this is the fastest way to post jobs and will allow you to keep them up to date automatically.

To post a job through ATS,

  1. Go to your organization’s org chart
  2. Click “integrations"
  3. Select Applicant Tracking System under ‘Connect ATS’
  4. Select the ATS that your company uses
  5. Enter your API key 
    1. If you have any troubles, click "how do I find...." to get a step-by-step guide
  6. Click "submit" and then click 'finish setup'
  7. Wait for your jobs to be synced or leave the page, while we import your jobs
  8. Review jobs and click 'Add manager' to place your jobs directly in your org chart by adding managers to the open positions.


To post a job manually, 

  1. Click “Jobs” on your organization’s page 
  2. Click "Manage jobs"
  3. Click "Add job"

You can also post jobs through our Greenhouse integration. To learn more about how to post jobs through our Greenhouse integration, please see here.  

If you’d like to request an integration, please email contact@theorg.com.