1. Getting started

How to create your professional profile

Adding yourself to your org chart is only the beginning! Next, you can add a detailed professional profile to give your colleagues more information about who you are and how you work. This profile page will be tied to your organization’s org chart along with the profiles of your colleagues.

Here, you can describe how you prefer to work, the qualities that you value in your colleagues, your communication style, pet peeves, fun facts and anything else that you or your colleagues may find interesting. When you update your profile, your colleagues will see your updates in your organization’s internal feed. 

Before you create your profile, you must add yourself to our org chart or claim your profile. For more information on how to add yourself to your org chart, please see here. For more information on how to claim your profile, please see here.

To create your professional profile, 

  1. Click on your profile within your organization’s org chart
  2. Click “Edit”
  3. Scroll down to “Biography” and add a detailed biography about who you are and how you work. For more information on what to include in your biography, please see here
  4. Click “My work style” and fill out the relevant fields
  5. Remember to click ‘Save’ to save the updates