1. Verification

How to get your organization verified on The Org

Getting verified with our blue check mark is the final step to unlocking our platform’s full value. Getting verified shows the world that you’ve taken ownership of your team’s public profile. Verified organizations on The Org also get admin access to their organization page, dedicated account management, and promotion through The Org’s content team.

To get verified and claim your company page, go to theorg.com/verification. You can then book a call with our Partnerships Team to talk through the process for verification and be set up as an admin.

Before your call with the Partnerships Team, you can build out your org chart and invite your team to join to speed up the process of verification.

If your organization meets all of the qualifications, your page will be verified and your admins will be set up after your call with the partnerships team.

Please reach out to contact@theorg.com if you have any questions.