1. Integrations

How to use our Slack Integration

To get started on your org chart in a faster, more efficient way, we offer an integration with Slack so you can import information about your colleagues instantly. By using the Slack import, you’ll be able to import all your employees directly into your org chart, including their names, pictures, and titles, and build your org chart in seconds. We will not access any other data or information about your employees using the Slack integration. 

To import positions from Slack, 

  1. Log-in and join your organization (for more information, please see here)
  2. Go to your organization’s org chart
  3. Click “Add position”
  4. Select the option “Import positions from Slack”
  5. Allow Slack
  6. Once the import is completed, click ‘Place positions in org chart’ 
  7. Start placing the positions under ‘People not yet in org chart’ to build your org chart