1. Attracting Talent

How to use The Org to Attract Talent

The Org is the world’s best talent attraction platform, as it is the premier place for job applicants to discover organizations. 

Showcasing your team in a public org chart allows job applicants to understand who they’ll be reporting to and the team they’ll be joining. Applicants can get valuable information about where they will sit within their new organization and what their growth will look like. They can read the profiles of their potential colleagues and learn from an organization’s overview page, testimonials, and values. The Org is the best place for job applicants to discover your organization. 

To best use The Org to attract talent, you should ensure that your org chart is accurate and comprehensive. You should fill in information about your organization's description, values, industry and culture on your organization's overview page. You should encourage your colleagues to fill out their profiles and add insider experiences. You can also create team pages for each team at your organization using our teams feature

You can then post jobs directly in your org chart and use it to generate applicants and give them  more information about your colleagues and how they work. You can also embed your org chart on your website and refer applicants to it directly on our website.

For more information about how to use The Org for talent attraction, please see here