1. Frequently Asked Questions

What are Teams?

Teams are a versatile way to show how you work cross-functionally to applicants and new employees

When applying for a role, candidates always try to understand how well they will fit with the company culture, work principles and future teammates. But that's very hard to do based on a few interviews with people you might not even end up working with on a day to day basis.

That's why we created Teams, a feature where organizations can show job applicants and new employees how work truly happens on individual teams and across the organization.

Each team page can consist of:

  • A short intro to present the team's high-level purpose and responsibilities
  • A list of team members
  • Any open positions in the team
  • A gallery section
  • A "How we work" section including the team's purpose, processes, tools, and what makes it unique
  • Links to external resources

People can be members of multiple teams and teams can consist of people from across the org chart in order to capture cross-functional relationships. This flexibility and the added context of each page is why we believe Teams is a great way to showcase how your organization truly works to job applicants, partners and anyone else outside your organization.

Here is an example of The Org's Product Team page