1. Building your profile page

What information should I include in my bio?

When creating a bio template for organization, start by reflecting on who the audience is for your team bios.  Who will be reading your bios? Candidates, new team members, customers, investors?

Maybe you’re intending to reach one audience or all of the above.  

Writing bios for candidates:

  1. Your bio should answer the question of why you chose to work at your organization and what keeps you excited about it in your day to day.  
  2. You can also add a section for people managers on their philosophy as a manager and what candidates can learn from them.

Onboarding new team members:

  1. Your bio should let people know what you work on on a day to day basis and what they should go to you for (ex: design, project management, english proficiency, sales, data analysis).
  2. Your bio should also tell people about your hobbies, values and interests that will help new colleagues start a conversation with you.

Customers and Investors:

  1. What have you worked on in the past, and what are your goals and north star values that you strive toward every day
  2. If you are customer facing, share the ways your products and services can help its customers. 

Bio Examples

Short prompts and ice breakers

3rd person

Broken into sections for easier reading

Fun/Unorthodox - 1st person