1. Getting your team onboard

Why should I invite my colleagues to The Org?

Inviting your colleagues allows them to join your organization and claim and build out their profiles. This will enable them to collaborate with you and others at your organization. After your colleagues accept your invite, they will be able to add information about their work style and see updates to your organization’s feed. Inviting your colleagues helps you unlock the full value of The Org. 

Inviting your colleagues also leads to a more complete and full org chart which will help you and organization attract great talent. Job applicants want to see as much context and information about an organization as possible. The best way to include this context is to have all of your colleagues claim their position and fill out their profiles. This will enable applicants to get a much more informed view of your organization which will encourage them to apply for open roles. For more information on how The Org enables better talent attraction, please see here.