1. Getting started

Why use The Org?

There are many benefits that come with joining The Org. By using the platform, you can access or create your organization’s public org chart and engage with the world’s largest professional community for teams. The org chart has historically been used as an internal tool that was  clunky, unhelpful and secretive. The Org is reinventing the org chart by making it public and changing the role that it plays for teams and colleagues. 

So what specifically can you do with your organization’s public org chart? 

    1. Talent Attraction. The Org is a powerful employer branding platform. By accessing or creating your organization’s public org chart, you can give applicants additional context and information about your team. Applicants will be able to visually see each colleague and how they fit into the broader organization. With The Org, you’ll be able to attract more and better talent to your organization by giving applicants an inside look into your organization that is unavailable anywhere else.
    2. Collaboration. By joining your organization on The Org, you can better collaborate with your colleagues. After you join, you’ll have access to an internal feed that will keep you up to date on what’s happening inside of your organization. For example, you’ll receive relevant notifications about team changes and employee profile updates. 
    3. Learning. By using The Org, you will gain access to a global community of transparent organizations. You can learn how to build a better team by following other organizations and studying how they’re building out their teams.