Admin Settings on The Org
Learn everything about Admin settings, why we recommend having 2+ Admins, and how to manage your team members' roles on The Org
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Being an Admin

Administrators have all the permissions to make changes to a company, plus the ability to manage other members.

See who are admins/members by clicking on the Members tab in your company’s sidebar on the dashboard.

Who can be an Admin?

Admins are those who are in charge of building out a company's org chart, keeping it updated, and inviting their colleagues to the platform.

We typically recommend people in leadership roles, people operations, or talent acquisition be assigned Admin permissions since they are often the ones who are in charge of communication, collaboration, onboarding, recruiting, and Employer Branding (to name a few!).

However, we understand all companies operate differently and this might not apply to everyone, so we encourage you to request Verification even if you don't have those direct responsibilities.

Assign the first Admin to your company

To add an admin for your organization, get Verified by The Org! To learn more about Verification, please see here.

How many Admins can a company have?

As many as you want! We recommend having at least two people in charge of your org chart and having the same permissions to make it easier to collaborate and build out your teams.

💡 Pro tip! Don't know who to make the other Admins? Invite all colleagues on a specific team or colleagues from different teams to be an Admin to cover all the different use-cases of The Org.

Assign/remove other Admins to your company

Step 1 - - Go to your Company Dashboard by clicking on Edit Company

Step 2 - - Click Members in the sidebar

Step 3 - - Next to the person whose permissions you want to edit, click the arrow next to Member and change their role to either administrator or member

Apply restricted member permissions

As a company admin, enable limited member permissions to restrict members from editing other position pages than their own. Administrators can still edit all position pages.

Step 1 - - Go to your company dashboard by clicking on Edit Company

Step 2 - - Click Members in the sidebar

Step 3 - - Go to the Permissions settings tab

Step 4 - - Toggle the setting on/off

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