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Okay, so you’ve updated your profile and added yourself to your company org chart, congrats! Now what? Let’s take one step further and add yourself to a team you’re part of at your company!

No two companies are ever the same. That’s why our teams feature provides insight into a specific team’s unique priorities and structure. By adding yourself to a team, you can shed some light on specific projects you and your colleagues are working on, as well as how you work together to achieve your team goals.

Learn more about the team feature and how you can use it in your hiring process.

Follow these steps to add yourself to a team:

Step 1 - - Go to your company profile and click Edit company

Step 2 - -Scroll down to Your position at the bottom of the menu bar

Step 3 - - Click Manager & teams

Step 4 - - Go to the Teams section and click the + button

Step 5 - - Find your team or create a new team!

Step 6 - - If you create a new team, invite your team members to join!

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