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Add the Org Logo as a Social Media Link to Your Website Footer
Add the Org Logo as a Social Media Link to Your Website Footer

Learn how to add The Org as a social media link directly on your website footer for candidates, investors or partners to discover your teams

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Including a link button to The Org in your website footer is an easy way to help visitors connect with your organization and get to know your team. Here are the steps to add The Org as a social link to your footer:

Step 1 - - Decide how The Org fits into your other footer link. We often see companies place it next to the most popular social links such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Step 2 - - Get the link to your The Org company page, this will follow the pattern of "". If you don't already have a company page, create it before continuing.

Step 3 - - Choose a style for your social link buttons. You have a few options:

  • Download The Org logo: TheOrg-logo.svg or

    • You can change the color to match your website's color scheme or overall style.

  • Spell out the network name instead of using icons

  • Combine icons and text for a more accessible option Consider what will look best in your footer and be easiest for visitors to understand. Icons alone can be confusing for some users, especially if they're unfamiliar with a particular social network's logo.

Step 4 - - Add HTML code to your website footer for each social link.

Here's an example for The Org’s own company page, using the SVG file attached:

<a href=""> <img src="TheOrg-logo.svg" alt="The Org"></a>

Be sure to modify the "href" and "src" with your unique profile URLs and icon files.

Step 5 - - Customize the appearance of your The Org link using CSS styling. For example:

  • Change the icon size to fit with the surrounding footer text

  • Adjust the spacing between icons

  • Match icon colors to your footer and website theme

  • Add a hover effect to make icons more interactive

Step 6 - - Test your new social links and preview how they look on mobile vs. desktop. Ensure all links are working properly before officially publishing the changes to your live website.

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